Blue Landscape Ice Glass
5Nov 18

Blue Landscape Ice Glass

Recycled Blue Ice Glass Rock can add a unique touch to any landscape design

What is recycled glass rock? Made from 100% recycled material, that would typically go into a landfill is repurposed into beautiful bright blue landscape material. Manufactures achieve this by breaking down and melting the glass to provide a variety of sizes of glass chips that can be used for a wide range of applications.

Here are some ideas that will change the way you look at recycled glass rock.

  • Gambian walls offer many structural benefits, mostly seen filled with round or angular natural stone. There is no limit to what can fill a Gambian from shells, brick, logs to recycled glass rock. The opportunity to add a unique design element is endless. 
Glass Gambian 1 500x363 - Blue Landscape Ice Glass
  • Landscape Design can always use a pop of color. Whether it is the main focus of your landscape design, or a little touch to a planter, glass rock can transform your project. Like most rock it comes in all different colors and sizes. Incorporating different shades of blue is just one example of utilizing multiple colors in your design.
Landscape Addition 469x500 - Blue Landscape Ice Glass
  • Water features can fit in seamlessly with any landscape design. The possibilities with different elements such as textures, color and style can be limitless. Enjoy your water feature day or night as the sun reflects off the beautiful blue tones, or the evening lights up the surrounding area. A water feature can be the wow factor you are looking for.
Water Feature 2 350x500 - Blue Landscape Ice Glass