Black Lava Pebble Fire Pit
29Jan 20

Spring Season Rush

The Spring Season is soon to kick off on March 20th and with it will come the need for Spring-time products for projects. While it may feel like there is still plenty of time left to prepare for the Spring season, we know it can creep up unsuspectingly so we are to help plan accordingly. Prepare by anticipating some upcoming trends and you’ll be set to fulfill all the stone orders you’ll need for this upcoming Spring. Sustainability is a year round trend that all our clients will be proud to highlight as the season begins to change all around. Perhaps the temperatures will begin to rise in the dyer Southwest, or perhaps the Spring gloom will bring showers to the Midwest and East. Whichever the case, these weather conditions call for landscape projects that will remain drought-resistant to dry weather and that are also able to control water erosion in the wetter areas. Best of all, stones and rocks will always be valuable to clients and their landscape designs. With this in mind, we make sure to help best anticipate clients’ needs and prepare accordingly for your retail yard. With that being said, we will soon be introducing both the Black Lava Pebbles and Aqua Pebbles to our website for wholesale orders. These round rocks are perfect not only for their captivating visuals but also for conveniently placement as sustainable resources. The Black Lava Pebbles come in 1”-2” inch sizes, as well as 2”-3” inch sizes and is an excellent choice when a smooth dark pebble is needed. Most often though we see it used as a fire pit medium where it’s rounded shape gives a much more refined look than the old angular crushed lava. Black Lava Pebble .5 1 150x150 - Spring Season Rush Black Lava Pebble 1 2 150x150 - Spring Season Rush black lava pebble 2 3 150x150 - Spring Season Rush Black Lava Pebble 3 5 150x150 - Spring Season Rush The Aqua Pebbles come in 3/4”-1 ½” inch and 1 1/2”-2 1/2” inch variations. This aqua-green pebble isn’t as round and flat as some other types of beach pebbles but it’s unique color is what steals the show. Both offerings will be packaged in 44 lb plastic bags, with 50 bags on a full pallet, all available for your needs. Aqua Pebble .5 1 150x150 - Spring Season Rush aqua pebble 1 2 150x150 - Spring Season Rush aqua pebble 2 3 150x150 - Spring Season Rush Aqua Pebble 3 5 150x150 - Spring Season Rush These offerings are now available, so be sure to begin your bulk order with the Black Lava Pebbles and Aqua Pebbles at the top of your lists. Ordering wholesale has never been easier than it is through us. We specialize in handling bulk orders and with providing the stone and landscape retail yard community with some of the most unique pebbles and stones from around the world. Whether you’re a long-term or first time client, we want to make buying bulk as easy a process for you with our star personnel ready to deliver quality customer service. You have the option to will call at our yard or we can ship full loads or single pallets (material must be purchased in full pallet quantities of 1.5 tons each). If you prefer we can also arrange shipping for your load, and we have an extensive network of freight partners to draw from and can get highly competitive haul rates on full truckloads or LTL’s (less than truckload). If you do opt to pick up from our Southern California location in Menifee, CA, we must note our yard is currently open by appointment only, so if you are arranging your own freight please call our office to coordinate a date and time. Our distribution yard is conveniently located right off Interstate 215 at: 32800 Haleblian Rd. Menifee, CA 92584 If you are ready to place your bulk orders or if you have any questions to get started, please call our office line at 1 (800) 690-4196. We are available by phone Monday-Friday, from 7:00am-5:00pm PST. You may also email one of our staff members and we will get back to you right away. Dan Circuit: J Ramirez: Tyra Turner: Randy Jurgensen: