Untitled design 1 - 10 Tips For Using Boulders in Landscaping Your Customer's Yard
31Mar 23

10 Tips For Using Boulders in Landscaping Your Customer’s Yard

The days of landscaping with pricey goods that required replacement after a given time are long gone, and natural landscaping components are now becoming more popular.

Everyone wants to make their yard look lovely so that their house stands out from the other homes in the community. And what could be better than employing massive natural rocks – boulders? So, it falls on us as professionals to take on the responsibility of helping them obtain their ideal space.

In our guide to using rocks in landscaping, we’ll give you some pointers to improve the style and design to provide your customers with a lovely setting. But before that, let’s get to know some details about boulders. 

What are Landscaping Boulders?

Boulders are large rocks, usually with a diameter of more than 10 inches or at least a foot across, and are classified into two distinctive types 

  • Round surface stones
  • Angular (quarried) stones

The diversity of these natural elements demonstrates that they were created from many materials. However, the durability of these large rocks is sure to pass the test of time and weather conditions. 

Tips for using boulders in landscape design

LANDSCAPING BOULDERS - 10 Tips For Using Boulders in Landscaping Your Customer's Yard

Even though there isn’t a hard-and-fast rule when landscaping with large rocks, it’s important to pay attention to what homeowners want to be reflected in the landscaping.

Fulfilling their desire and providing contentment with our work is, after all, what we work for.  Below are the five tips to help you avoid mistakes and achieve the desired look for your customers.

1. Make a plan

Make a plan - 10 Tips For Using Boulders in Landscaping Your Customer's Yard

Planning is a skill not limited to just one work; having a plan of action is essential if you want to create the ideal natural look for your customer’s outdoor space.

To maximize their visual impact and ensure they are used properly, they should cover everything from the boulders’ size, shape, and color to the amount and location of placement.

Planning, in other words, enables considering the overall landscape design and the impact the boulders will have on the surrounding area. The methods for moving these boulders to the site should also be part of a successful plan strategy.

2. Get The Size Choice Made

Get The Size Choice Made 1 - 10 Tips For Using Boulders in Landscaping Your Customer's Yard

Getting customer selection is the next step in the boulder landscaping process. Making them aware of the significance of the rocks’ sizes in relation to their area and providing them with the appropriate boulder size recommendations only after conducting a thorough investigation of the width and length of their yard holds great significance.

As a too-small boulder in a large yard is overshadowed by the space around it, a too-large boulder in a small yard dominates the space. This is why do not forget to offer your customer appropriate and sensible suggestions to help them achieve a unified and aesthetically pleasing style.

3. Colors Set The Mood

Colors Set The Mood - 10 Tips For Using Boulders in Landscaping Your Customer's Yard

Here comes the stage where you should let the customer choose their colors. After all, they are going to cherish that place for a long. Colors can set the tone and vibe and put in naturally and distinctively to evoke cherished feelings and emotions.

For instance, warm hues like reds and oranges evoke coziness, but colder hues like blues and greens evoke tranquility. Yet it’s important to propose last.

4. Set Boulder Down into the Dirt

Set Boulder Down into the Dirt - 10 Tips For Using Boulders in Landscaping Your Customer's Yard

When using boulders in landscaping, set them deep into the ground to give the impression that they have been there forever. This makes it possible for them to remain there for a longer period of time, reducing the need to shift them from time to time and allowing them to feel more organic, natural, and long-lasting.

The size and shape of a rock should be the sole determinants of how deep you need to excavate it.

5. Get Creative with Boulder Arrangements

Get Creative with Boulder Arrangements - 10 Tips For Using Boulders in Landscaping Your Customer's Yard

Simply putting boulders without a prior plan of action will make your customer’s yard’s arrangement look uneven and shabby.

Why settle for a basic arrangement when you can be creative with your designs instead? Boulders can be arranged in striking and original ways by grouping them in twos or threes and combining them with other big and small rocks. The use of rocks in landscaping can also result in a dramatic design.

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