Black Mexican Beach Pebble 3"-5"
21May 20

Black Mexican Beach Pebbles

The Black Mexican Beach Pebble is the most popular variety of the Mexican Beach Pebble family. Hand-picked from the beautiful beaches of Baja California, Mexico, this naturally tumbled pebble, with its smooth, rounded finish and dark hue, has an attractive, elegant appearance and wide-ranging applications for landscaping and interior decoration. Applications The Black Mexican Beach Pebble is ideally suited for homeowners and…

La Paz Pebble 1/4"-1/2"
21May 20

The Authoritative Guide to Mexican Beach Pebbles

The pounding waves of Baja California, Mexico draw surfers from all over the world. But did you know that these same waves, over thousands of years, have also given us Mexican Beach Pebbles? Known for its naturally rounded and smooth finish, this gift of nature is one of the most attractive and sought after landscaping stones by landscape professionals and…

Underlayment showing 825x510 - Smaller Goes Farther
30Mar 20

Smaller Goes Farther

When it comes to deciding what size rock to use for your project, it’s important to understand what your installation area encompasses. For instance, the larger the stone that is used, the more product that will be needed to cover the same base area in contrast to a smaller stone. This concept is due to the minimum installation depth needed…

Screened material sorted to size 825x510 - The Lifetime Process of Stone
20Feb 20

The Lifetime Process of Stone

Wholesale Stone Solutions prides itself in offering the stone and landscape retail yard community with variety in the decorative stones offerings. With that being said, we wanted to offer a glimpse into the lifetime process of the decorative stones you receive before they reach you. We will share the process from start to finish to account for where and how…

Black Lava Pebble Fire Pit
29Jan 20

Spring Season Rush

The Spring Season is soon to kick off on March 20th and with it will come the need for Spring-time products for projects. While it may feel like there is still plenty of time left to prepare for the Spring season, we know it can creep up unsuspectingly so we are to help plan accordingly. Prepare by anticipating some upcoming…

Mexican Sunburst 3-6
31Dec 19

Mulching in the Windy West

SoCal has received its fair share of wind this year! The notorious dry and gusty Santa Ana winds frequent themselves through Nevada, Utah and Southern California during the fall and winter months. Using decorative stone in your landscape projects instead of organic mulch is effective in windy areas. The mountain regions of Washington, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado are breezy most…

Mexican Mixed Beach Pebbles
5Dec 19

Size Matters in Landscape Stone Installation

Size Matters! When it comes to decorative stone, that is… Which size of rock is best for your landscaping project? It depends upon the area and intended use or scope of your project. Often customers will ask us which size of rock is best. While there are general guidelines for common installations, the beauty of our products is that their…

Mixed Beach Pebble 3"-5"
26Nov 19

Blue Ice Glass On Sale!

Get Creative with your Landscape projects! Bask in the beauty of Blue Ice Landscape Glass. On Sale Now: $100 per ton discount on Blue Ice Glass in 4"-6" and 6"-8" size for the remainder of the 2019 calendar year. Add dimension and color: Great for water features, gabion walls, stone wall detail, feature highlights, and so much more! Learn more about…

SnfffvbM 825x510 - Water Erosion Control
29Oct 19

Water Erosion Control

As the wet and rainy season nears, the thought of how to protect your landscape installations from water erosion becomes a primary concern. Rocks and stones are perfect natural solutions for preventing and controlling water erosion damage in your landscaping installations. The best way to get started is to choose the most appropriate type of rocks for an installation. When…

goodbasket1 825x510 - How Is Bulk Stone Packaged?
25Sep 19

How Is Bulk Stone Packaged?

When your bulk order is delivered palletized in wire baskets, this is how you can expect it arrive. We have taken great care to improve our packaging to ensure your product will be delivered with quality. In the early days of shipping landscape stone, the packaging may have had separation issues. Rest assured, the photo below showing "poor packaging" is…