Images of installed projects utilizing our Mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles in various sizes.

WSS Mixed Mexican Beach Pebbles have been naturally smoothed and tumbled but the ocean waves for centuries. Help add some color and luxury with our Mixed Mexican Beach Pebble. These nature-painted, smooth beach pebbles have a multitude of functions while adding a fun and unique atmosphere to outdoor and indoor spaces. Your clients will love the calm and serene aesthetic that our unique and colorful Mixed Beach Pebbles will create in their landscape.

Sourcing and Design

Hand-selected from the beaches of Baja California, Mexico

Color is a mix as the name insinuates, ranging from green to purple, rust to charcoal, and buff to grey. Each order (and pallet) can vary in color from the next-- that’s what makes them so special, but plan accordingly for large projects and advise clients to pull from all pallets equally as they install.

Typical sizes range from ½-1 inches in diameter to 6-12 inches in diameter for the options to utilize a multitude of different functions. Purchasing options include ½-1 inch, 1-2 inches, 2-3 inches, 3-5 inches, and 6-12 inches

These rocks are great for...

A lawn replacement

Rock gardens




Around trees

In planters

Dry streambeds

Xeriscape for droughts

Erosion control

Water retention

Weed control