Images of installed projects utilizing our Mexican Sunburst Pebble in various sizes.

WSS Mexican Sunburst Pebbles are an earthy and beautiful addition to any home landscaping. They were worn smooth and round by hundreds of thousands of years of pure, fresh river water and then baked in the sun for years to create their one of a kind toasted orange finish. See the gorgeous and vibrant display of colors that look like a perfect sunset -- peaches, pinks, reds, oranges, and browns that will help your clients landscapes stand out from the crowd. No matter where you are located, you can bring the warmth of the Mexican sun to your customers.

Mexican Sunburst Pebble are perfect in:

  • Xeriscape designs
  • Minimalist designs
  • Planting Beds
  • Larger sized cobbles can be a great way to give protection from wind or sun to plants and to create visual interest in a garden
  • Garden Borders
  • Succulent Gardens
  • Bringing color and warmth to shaded areas