Polished Black Mexican Beach Pebble 1/2″-1″

These Polished Black Mexican Beach Pebbles are the real deal.  We take our already beautiful Black Mexican Beach Pebbles and tumble them with natural organic materials to make them darker, smoother, and glossy.  This process makes them fairly shiny, brings out the color, and appear as if they wet.  The shine will not fade or peel with time and UV exposure like it does on many inferior “coated products”, mostly of Asian origin where the products are dyed or coated with a sealant or wax.

Our Polished Black Mexican Beach Pebbles truly are the best on the market and are packaged in 50lb bags with 60 bags to a pallet.  This is a premium product which brings a premium price.  We’d love to send you a sample prior to ordering so you can see and feel the quality for your self.   Contact Us to discuss receiving samples.