Lifetime Process Decorative of Stones
20Feb 20

The Lifetime Process of Stone

Wholesale Stone Solutions prides itself in offering the stone and landscape retail yard community with variety in the decorative stones offerings. With that being said, we wanted to offer a glimpse into the lifetime process of decorative stones you receive before they reach you. We will share the process from start to finish to account for where and how the stones are sourced and prepared for delivery. This process all begins by sourcing the stones and rocks. Many of our stones are hand-harvested on the beaches and dry riverbeds of Baja California. Material is hand-sorted for color, shape and size by hand. This becomes very labor intensive but in the end yields the cleanest and most consistent product with the least amount of waste. Material is typically eyeballed for size, which can lead to small size variation from pallet to pallet. After this process, they are then transported to the next destination: the Wholesale Stone Solutions yard. Not all of our stones come from beaches and dry riverbeds – others come from hard rock quarries. This means that our stones are not manufactured in a warehouse, but instead naturally mined in quarries and scooped from large piles of earth. Instead of sourcing stones from their locations, small rocks are instead created out of bigger rocks which result in beautiful natural products. The quarry blast is a triggering force that breaks up the bigger rocks into their smaller pieces. The blast reduces the larger boulders into fragments of all sizes. This explosive process guarantees that we carry stones in all sizes for our clients. Then from there the resulting fragments are screened to size. This process can happen in three different ways: 1) Static “Grizzly” Screen 2) Vibrating Deck Screen Mesh 3) Hand Sorted and Palletized Each of these three methods are set in place to ensure that they are separated and packaged in their respective size group. You could read more on the process from our partner site here. It is at this point when the material is typically harvested and separated. It will take another couple of days before the products reach our yard. During this time the product is placed into supersacks, wire baskets, or 75 lb bags and then shipped to our yard where the product will be prepared for shipment to you. quarry photo 500x375 - The Lifetime Process of Stone We work with multiple quarries and harvesters for all of our different products. Many of them are located in Mexico and Asia, as each location around the globe offers us products that are unique to that area. We are constantly scouring the globe for new and unique stone products. We aim to find product that is new and different, but also available at a price point that will be in our clients’ best interest. You’ll see that at every step of the way, sourcing and prepping decorative stones for our clients is a group effort and labor of love done to ensure that the client always receives the best of the best. Wholesale Stone Solutions gathers all products together to offer our clients a global selection at a competitive price in one place. If you are ready to begin your order today, do not hesitate to call in for a quote. We offer a great variety of decorative stones that are sure to suit you and your needs. To get started, please call our office line at 1 (800) 690-4196 and our staff will work to answer all of your questions. We are available by phone Monday-Friday, from 7:00am-5:00pm PST.