Mixed Beach Pebble 3"-5"
26Nov 19

Blue Ice Glass On Sale!

Get Creative with your Landscape projects! Bask in the beauty of Blue Ice Landscape Glass.
On Sale Now: $100 per ton discount on Blue Ice Glass in 4″-6″ and 6″-8″ size for the remainder of the 2019 calendar year.
Add dimension and color: Great for water features, gabion walls, stone wall detail, feature highlights, and so much more!
Learn more about our Blue Ice Glass at: https://wholesalestonesolutions.com/blue-ice-glass-rocks/
Order today! https://wholesalestonesolutions.com/…/blue-ice-landscape-g…/
Call 1-800-690-4196 for questions.
A few design ideas borrowed from the web for inspiration!
6ed47e08ddec5e6ce4ee594fcd303166 500x375 - Blue Ice Glass On Sale!
3324875 big 500x500 - Blue Ice Glass On Sale!
2264da287302779eec635503da5430e0 375x500 - Blue Ice Glass On Sale!