Request a quote full truckload
27Sep 22

Build Your Wholesale Stone Load with Expert Guidance

Follow along as this video tutorial showcases Wholesale Stone Solutions "Build a Load" feature at It is the best way to get a quote or place an order for a full truckload of our landscaping stone if you are a landscape supply retailer.    

Landscape Stone Installation
5Dec 19

Size Matters in Landscape Stone Installation

Size Matters! When it comes to decorative stone, that is… Which size of rock is best for your landscaping project? It depends upon the area and intended use or scope of your project. Often customers will ask us which size of rock is best. While there are general guidelines for common installations, the beauty of our products is that their…

HandSorting - wholesale stones solutions
20Aug 19

Hand selection and Palletizing vs Bulk handling –…

Round river rock material is best selected by hand sorting for a usable product, and when done so, reduces waste in the total order.  Round, unbroken and unfractured pieces can be best harvested with hand selection versus bulk mechanical screening. Wholesale Stone Solutions offers hand selection for all our products to ensure the end customer receives more usable product per…

Water-Wise Landscape
20Jun 19

Water-Wise Designs

Have you considered the importance of stone to help reduce irrigation evaporation? As you design a new landscape or rethink a current one, the importance of sustainable landscaping continues to shape our culture. Entering the warm months of summer increases our awareness of being water-wise in a drought sensitive Southern California. You will be your customer’s hero as you offer…

Blue Landscape Ice Glass
5Nov 18

Blue Landscape Ice Glass

Recycled Blue Ice Glass Rock can add a unique touch to any landscape design What is recycled glass rock? Made from 100% recycled material, that would typically go into a landfill is repurposed into beautiful bright blue landscape material. Manufactures achieve this by breaking down and melting the glass to provide a variety of sizes of glass chips that can…

Build a load - Fast Quote Process
2Oct 18

Fast Quote Process

See a product you like? Add it to your cart and one of our sales reps will contact you shortly with pricing and delivery options.

Design Gallery Wholesale Stone Solutions
26Sep 18

WSS Capturing Images

Our Design Gallery is intended to offer inspiration to our clients. Capturing these images takes great skill and even more passion. Our team member Dan Circuit does a great job bringing the beauty of these projects to life

WSS First Order Going Out
11May 18

WSS first order going out

Here is WSS Team Member Duane Hundley staging our very first Wholesale Stone Solutions order April 2018